About Cycling Power Lab

Cycling Power Lab was born in 2008 when a London based software engineer and part time cycling coach (British Cycling, Association of British Cycling Coaches) began work on an Excel “Add-In” to help understand the theory of bike speed, aerodynamic optimisation, and a number of quantitative physiological models important to cycling. In 2010 this became “Cycling Power Models” which brought the same functionality to the internet by way of free tools and associated content for all cyclists, triathletes and coaches. In 2013, as “Cycling Power Lab”, we began a significant re-engineering of the site with the mission of becoming the internet's best resource for performance modelling in cycling and triathlon...and now we are! We're obsessive about the power of performance modelling in simulating, explaining, improving and optimising ride performance and we want our visitors and followers to benefit from that.

The team at CPL have a background in numerical software engineering for high finance (simulation, optimisation, data mining, machine learning, etc), mathematics, and a degree in sport science. We love endurance sports but especially cycling and the bike aspect of triathlon. Power, power meters, GPS data and a number of emerging wearable technologies have made these - objectively - the most interesting sports in which to apply the sport science that can make athletes go faster.

Consulting. Bespoke Analytics

Cycling Power Lab is all about making performance modelling and it's benefits available to athletes and coaches of all levels and the site allows anyone to do real, sophisticated, modelling quickly and easily. Alternatively you may be interested in working with us on a more bespoke basis. Perhaps you run a significant coaching business, you're an elite cycling team or national federation and have an idea for an analytics project? We have experience in this area so please get in touch to discuss how we might be able to help.

Media. Are you a journalist?

In this era the concepts of quantitative sports science and aerodynamics are increasingly penetrating the cycling and triathlon worlds as serious competitors seek out the "performance analysis" and “marginal gains” required to win. Many articles appearing in the media would benefit from some analytical input and we’re very happy to help. Our software has reached a level of sophistication which allows us to theoretically model almost any athlete on any course revealing the impact of variables such as power, weight, aerodynamic attributes and pacing options. We may be able to provide numbers and opinion free of charge in exchange for a mention. At the time of writing we have contributed to articles for BikeRadar, Triathlon Plus / TriRadar, 220 Triathlon, Cyclist Magazine and Cycling Weekly. We'd love to do more!

Advertising & Partnerships

A lot of what we offer is free content - calculators, models, related articles - and probably always will be. For this reason certain sections of the site may lend themselves to advertising, sponsored or affiliate links. Cycling Power Lab is a site with unique appeal to serious, dedicated cyclists and triathletes looking for the very best in performance and the equipment that enables it. Get in touch if you're a business in this sector and have an idea for a partnership that may interest our visitors.


We prefer that you contact us by email. Reach us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Legal Stuff

Cycling Power Lab is a trading name of Endurance Analytics Limited, a company registered in England with company number 06348592. VAT Registration number 164 4182 13.

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