Sex      Age Group 
Durnin-Womersley Body Density   Body Mass Index
Skinfold Measures (mm)   Anthropometric Measures
Bicep Height (M)
Tricep Weight (KG)
Sub Scapular
Super Iliac BMI (kg/m^2)  
Density (Kg/m^3) Class
Siri (Density to Fat%) Deurenberg et al (BMI to Fat%)
Fat % Fat %
Class   Class
Watts Per Kilo at Essential Fat Level (Men 5%, Women 13%)
Sustainable Power at duration of interest (watts)
Current watts/kilo @ K kilos (F% fat)
Theoretical watts/kilo @ K kilos (F% fat)
Power equivalent @ K kilos    
CPL Pro Rider Database
% Body Fat (Deurenberg et al estimator)
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