Power Benchmarks

Where am I on the spectrum of cycling ability and where do I want to be? All competitive bike riders ask themselves these questions and all coaches are trained to think about their clients in a similar way. Both of these questions amount to performance “benchmarking” and the adoption of power in cycling has progressed the discipline of benchmarking like never before. We provide the following tools:

Time Trial & Triathlon (Bike Leg) Benchmarks

Use this resource to cross reference finishing times and average power outputs applicable to performance in standard distance time trials and triathlon bike legs. We simplify matters by assuming a flat course and windless conditions but you can adjust the figures for applicable rider weight and riding position.

Ascent Benchmarks

Evaluate the wattage per kilo implied by the weight and ascent time of any rider on a range of significant mountain ascents. Benchmark pro riders watts per kilo, "VAM", or estimate your own or an another specific riders time given a weight and wattage assumption.

CPL Users Power Data

The beauty of power data, interpreted relative to rider weight or aerodynamic drag, is that it entirely defines performance potential in cycling. We collect power data, anonymously, from our registered users and present some views of the summary data for benchmarking applications.