We want to make it as easy as possible for coaches, aspirational cyclists and triathletes to access the power and insights of our Pre and Post-Race Performance Modelling. Our Popular Events resource was designed for exactly this and you can order PDF reports on a pay-per-report basis. Alternatively, saving time and money, you can buy “Report Credits”, a "Reporting Subscription" or "Coach Subscription" for more frequent use.

Report Credits, Reporting or Coach Subscriptions are ideal for afficionados of sports science, marginal gains and analytic cycling. They’re also recommended for coaches ordering our analytics for clients. For example, revisions and weather updates can be made on the eve or morning of an event and the revised report emailed to the athlete. In each case the credit or subscription is associated with the email address that you use for site login. If you’re already registered as a Cycling Power Lab user then you can go straight ahead and order credits or a subscription via the links below.
Use Cycling Power Lab Report Credits, Reporting or Coach Subscriptions to provide your clients with high quality pre & post-race PDF analytics.

Report Credits

Report Credits are available in bundles of 5 or 10 units at a significant discount to individual orders. Once you have Report Credits then, provided you’re logged into the site, you’ll be able to order our Power and Pace simulations and Race Reviews at a cost of "1 Report Credit". Simply clicking “Order Now” will trigger the relevant report to be created and emailed to your login email address. Your current balance of Report Credits will be shown beside the relevant Order button. It's also visible in our "User Data" page accessible from the login control at the right of our site header.

Order 5 Credits @ GBP 39       Order 10 Credits @ GBP 59

Reporting & Coach Subscriptions

A Reporting Subscription will keep your account topped up with 10 Report Credits, every month, at a lower unit price. A Coach Subscription will keep it topped up with 25 Report Credits, at an even lower price. Our subscription service is supported by PayPal and you can instruct them to handle monthly payments as long as you need the capability. We simply extend the expiry date of your subscription, one month at a time, and restore your Report Credits back to a maximum of 10 (Reporting Subscription) or 25 (Coach Subscription) over-and-above any credits you may have purchased outside of the subscription agreement. The current expiry date of your subscription as well as your remaining balance of Report Credits is visible in our "User Data" page accessible from the login control at the right of our site header.

Reporting Subscription @ GBP 49 / Month       Coach Subscription @ GBP 99 / Month

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