Pro Race Analytics

Some power estimates calculated with CPL models for World Tour time trial results.
More Details

  • Rider attributes (height, weight) are from
  • Aerodynamic drag estimates (rider CdA) use the anthropometric formulas set out in our Aerodynamics Primer
  • Air density is assumed to be ISO normal for the event altitude. Wind speed is assumed to be zero.
  • Rider's power output is assumed to be the constant, average value which solves for their finish time.
  • Clearly these estimates will differ from metered power but offer similar accuracy to Strava's "Estimated Power".
  • Errors in CdA and estimated power tend to cancel, meaning the ratio Watts/CdA can be very accurate.
  • In experiments we have applied Watts/CdA estimates from past events to predict future times within seconds.
  • Try CPL event modelling for your numbers in your event here
Interactive Analysis
#Rider (Height,Weight)TimeECdAWattsW/KgW/CdA
Results or power data are not available for this event.