Web Widgets

Web Widgets are compact views on our analytics that can be hosted in any web page throughout the internet such on your blog or the website of your coaching business. User instructions for each widget and the html code required to embed it appear below. We are open to requests for custom widgets which can be applied to reinforce the analytical content of your website, enquires can be sent to .

The CPL Power-Speed Calculation Widget offers the key functionality to compute the speed of a cyclist given a certain power output or else the power output that cyclist would require or would have required to achieve a certain speed. Additionally the widget will calculate time on course, given a specified course distance, and aproximate energy and fuelling requirements throughout that time and distance. When embedded into a site the widget appears as under:


  • Units. Select Metric or Imperial units.
  • Weight. Specify the combined weight of the rider and bike, including any hydration, nutrition and accesories being carried.
  • Road Gradient. Specify a gradient between +20 and -20%.
  • Drag Area. Specify an estimate of the riders aerodynamic drag. The key factors which define this number are riding position and body size. The text comments help you identify the ranges consistent with different riding positions - use values at the lower/higher end of the ranges for smaller/larger riders who are more/less aerodynamic.
  • Coefficient of Rolling Resistance: Specify an estimate for the rolling resistance of the bicycle tyres. Again the text comments help you identify apropriate ranges - assuming always a road of average quality asphalt.
  • Calculate. Choose speed given power or power given speed.
  • Distance. Specify a course distance to calculate time on course given speed and estimates of energy and nutritional demands.
Questions about the widget can be sent to the email address above.

Get This Widget

To include this widget in your website just copy and paste the following block of grey html.
<div style="padding:10px">
    <a href="https://www.cyclingpowerlab.com" style="display:table-cell">Analytics by www.CyclingPowerLab.com</a>
    <iframe src="https://www.cyclingpowerlab.com/Widget.aspx?w=1" width="450px" height="525px" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>